Photographer of the Week – Sylvie Ayer

A marine iguana feasting on algae within the shallows, Galápagos Islands, Ecuador


This week’s Photographer of the Week column options the spectacular work of Swiss shooter Sylvie Ayer. Trying on the high quality of her pictures, you can be forgiven for considering that she is a longtime underwater photographer. Sylvie says she has been passionate in regards to the splendor of “the world of silence” since her adolesence, however she started diving in 2011 and solely began making underwater photos two years later. Within the comparatively quick period of time since, she has produced some world-class pictures, lots of which have been awarded in varied prestigious photographic competitions. Her manatee picture featured right here has turn out to be particularly well-known. 

A look by means of Sylvie’s portfolio exhibits how properly traveled she has been within the decade she has been capturing underwater. The listing of places contains fashionable spots such because the Galápagos Islands, The Bahamas, and Indonesia, alongside less-common locations like Costa Rica, Sudan, and Mozambique.

Sylvie’s purpose just isn’t solely to seize magical reminiscences and specific her feelings by means of images, however to permit others to find the richness of the underwater realm by means of her pictures—within the hope that individuals will turn out to be extra conscious of the pressing want to guard the ocean and the life inside.


A bull shark “smiling” for the digital camera off Mozambique


A gorgeous window within the reef, Raja Ampat, Indonesia


The psychedelic patterns and colours of the juvenile emperor angelfish, Komodo, Indonesia


A head-on portrait of a longhorn cowfish from Lembeh Strait, Indonesia


A moody, tremendous art-esque picture of a Napoleon wrasse, Palau


Bull sharks criss-crossing within the blue waters off Mozambique


A Florida manatee portrait bathed in spectacular gentle, Florida, USA


The much less generally seen Denise pygmy seahorse, Raja Ampat, Indonesia


The well-known manta prepare within the Maldives


A manta performs a barrel roll on the floor, Maldives


Silhouette of a California sea lion and a stand of kelp, Los Cedros, Mexico


A dugong, the larger, rarer relative of the a lot liked manatee, Crimson Sea, Egypt


An unlucky anemone shrimp sporting a parasite beneath its carapace, Raja Ampat, Indonesia


Making its house on a lethal fireplace urchin, this zebra crab will get a free trip on its poisonous buddy, Komodo, Indonesia


Take a look at extra of Sylvie’s stunning work on her web site,, and provides her a observe on Instagram.