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I acquired an intriguing message from Tom Johnson, who’s searching for details about a singular rock. He’s reaching out to collect insights concerning the origin and nature of this exceptional merchandise, which he refers to as “Amfalulu.” We might recognize anybody who can present invaluable insights about this rock artwork.

Tom stated the distinctive merchandise has been in his household for not less than 3 generations. Maybe it’s an historical fetish spirit rock?

“Amfalulu” was what my grandmother referred to as this distinctive stone. I don’t know when, the place, or how she got here by it, or that moniker. She lived in Ohio, North Carolina, Colorado, and California from 1867 to 1952. She was an artist with pursuits in pure historical past and Native Individuals. She had traveled to Europe and Russia as a baby along with her acquisitive father. She studied portray in Paris within the early Eighteen Nineties and liked to color nature and animal topics within the American Southwest.

The easily sculpted, grayish-brown rock weighs 15 kilos and is about 14” x 7” x 5” in dimension. It feels about like granite, having an analogous density of two.5 and being a homogenous, clean, non-sparkly stone. Its contours are asymmetrical and inventive. So whereas the fabric is of pure origin, it certainly was handworked by design, ruling out it’s being a coprolite or unintentional pure artifact. Its vital hardness additional implies that it was labored in earnest by a talented craftsman with particular intention. And its hefty weight means that it will have occupied a stationary spot in its group setting, reasonably than being actively cell every day.

The extra pointy finish seems to have a face merely and subtly carved into it. That face consists of two eyes and a mouth etched fastidiously into the rock. Whether or not that adornment was added by the unique craftsman or subsequently by another person, it additionally was executed with substantial stone working talent.

The “face” is what suggests to me that it could be a spirit rock for some indigenous individuals. I’ve no different data to point that it’s a spirit rock or anything for that matter. I solely have guesses and questions.

Wild thought – Within the curiosity of probably utilizing superior forensic analytical strategies, I’ve not washed the artifact. Although the floor is pretty clean, small mud particles from instances passed by may reside in its pores and cracks. With gear like superior optic microscopy, probably these particles may assist us to trace dates, areas, and extra. Who is aware of, sometime we might be able to be taught extra by sensing and deciphering electromagnetic patterns lodged in such objects.

Are you able to assist me resolve this thriller by suggesting concepts, contacts, and assets? Thanks!

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