Dance Recommendation | Stretching versus Over-Stretching — A Dancer’s Life

Stretching is without doubt one of the greatest methods to enhance your flexibility and vary of movement. It promotes circulation and retains the joints and muscle tissues versatile, permitting the physique to stay supple and vibrant. When your fascia is feeling supple and hydrated, it provides you a way of spaciousness and connectedness to your physique because the nerves within the fascia can optimally talk with our mind. The connective tissue in your physique can also be partly chargeable for your proprioception, your physique’s sense of the place it’s in area and the way it pertains to itself. Feeling a slight pull within the muscle in a manner that’s not completely comfy is a constructive factor – it means you’re working to extend your flexibility. A productive power ought to really feel barely uncomfortable however any stabbing or sharp ache is a no-go.

Whereas stretching can alleviate compression and enhance flexibility, over-stretching may be counter productive and truly result in stiffness. Over-stretching occurs if you stretch your muscle tissues past their capability when it comes to flexibility and vary of movement. It means the size of the tissue is bigger than ones skill to manage stated size. It could possibly additionally infer {that a} muscle is stretched previous its level of pure elasticity and wholesome tissue size. This will typically occur in these with hyper-mobile joints as they’ve actually free ligaments which permit the joint to maneuver additional than it must.

Throughout the muscle stomach lies ‘spindles’ that are sensory receptors that decide up the pace and depth of a stretch. If a stretch is just too quick or too intense, the spindles set off a reflex arc to the spinal twine and again to the muscle tissues to contract to be able to keep away from tearing muscle fibres. We need to stretch additional however our spindles intercede to guard us, leading to stretching with a sense of stiffness and resistance, locked right into a contraction and going nowhere. To maintain the muscle spindles at bay, consider lengthening into softness and keep that size over time. It will enable the spindles to habituate to the brand new size and hearth much less often.

Over-stretching may also trigger ligament injury. Ligaments are designed to assist every joint and may get an increasing number of relaxed from extreme stretching. If over-stretching continues it might probably trigger inner shifting of the joint surfaces towards one another. By reducing the integrity of the ligaments, it might probably additionally trigger put on and tear on cartilage resulting in joint ache and degeneration.

There’s a advantageous line between difficult our muscle tissues to be able to enhance our flexibility and hurting ourselves. Not warming up previous to stretching is the first cause strains and pulls happen. Warming up consists of the inclusion of dynamic actions that can encourage the circulation of blood across the physique and enhance the vary of movement. As soon as the physique is heat, we will progress into static stretching and proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF) – stretching that contracts and holds a focused muscle in a stretched place. To study extra concerning the significance of warming up, take a look at our different article right here.